ATEC's Health & Safety Checklist has been developed to make the collection & storage of supplier health & safety information requested by inbound tour operators on behalf of international wholesalers more efficient. Currently health & safety information collection is paper based, time consuming and inefficient due to the need to replicate the same request multiple times for different wholesalers. 


Benefits for Sellers (suppliers) -
  • Complete the Health & Safety Checklist online once - which can then be viewed & reviewed by buyers at any time .
  • Opportunity to update the Checklist information online at any time throughout the year.
  • Opportunity to use your Checklist responses for other health & safety requests from other sources e.g. when quoting for other domestic business.
  • Ease of filing and retrieving completed Checklist info electronically.
Benefits for Buyers (ITOs / wholesalers)
  • Reduces the paper based process for requesting, receiving and tabulating health & safety information.
  • Opportunity to access a list of all suppliers and the status of their Health and Safety information at any time
  • Buyers please click the 'BUYERS register now' button to join our H&S distribution list


Please complete one checklist registration per individual property or business

  • Take a minute to gather your the relevant documents you will be required to upload, such as a copy of your public liability Insurance and business registration certificate.

Completing the Checklist
  • If you are unable to complete all questions in the one attempt, please ensure you capture your completed questions by creating an account & password at the checkout page. You can then return at any time and login with your password and finish and/or update your Checklist. PLEASE NOTE: if you forget to create an account / password & make payment, then the questions you have completed to date will be lost. 
  • If a document you are attempting to upload is rejected please try re-name the document and re-upload. 
  • please contact the Checklist helpdesk at any questions. 

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II. the payment of the cost of having the services supplied again.
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If you encounter difficulty in completing the Health & Safety Checklist, please email the