Understanding how to offer excellence in Asian-market traveller experiences 
  • 2 hour modules
  • May be delivered online or in person;  as standalone modules, or in combination- maximum audience 30pax per session

Who should attend?
All individuals working within businesses operating in a ‘visitor economy’, needing to understand how to successfully welcome and serve visitors from Eastern markets.

Content Covered:

  • What is inbound tourism and why is it important to our economy?
  • What is the ‘visitor economy’ and how do you fit in?
  • Types of travellers, defining the customer
  • Know your markets, who is travelling to your region?
  • Understand cultural influences of different markets- History, population, economy, religion, language, culture, traditions, taboos & more
  • Matching cultural characteristics to your offering
  • Meeting, greeting and serving basics


  • Provide the know-how to cross cultural understanding
  • Driver awareness of the importance of the Visitor Economy and regional collabaration
  • Increase the range of culturally aware businesses and experiences to enhance the Eastern market visitor experience

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