This project has been developed to create an efficient solution for the collection and storage of supplier health & safety checklists requested by inbound tour operators on behalf of European and UK wholesalers. The current practice is paper based, time consuming and inefficient due to the need to replicate the same request several times for different wholesalers.


Earlybird fees (up to June 30th have been discounted by 20%)range from $100 to $150 for ATEC members (surcharge for nonmembers).
This entitles the user to 12 months access and the ability to update and refresh information at any time.


European Union legislation requires European travel wholesalers to ensure that all suppliers participating in travel programs have`implemented satisfactory health and safety standards.
This information can now be collected electronically by completing the Health & Safety Checklist and uploading requested supporting documents.
It is anticipated that Australian based inbound tour operators will invite suppliers to complete their Health & Safety Checklist online as part of this year’s request for rates.
Suppliers can complete the Health & Safety Checklist online, receive a copy of all responses for future reference and also go online and update important documents as required.
Participating wholesalers and inbound tour operators will receive access to ‘real-time’ reports listing all suppliers who have completed the Checklist.


Benefits for sellers (suppliers)
Ability to complete the Online Health & Safety Checklist
online once, and that this information can be viewed by all buyers at any time (time & cost efficient)
Opportunity to update the Checklist information online at any time throughout the year (relevant & efficient)
Ease of filing and retrieving completed Checklist electronically
Benefits for buyers (ITOs / wholesalers)
Opportunity to access a list of all suppliers and the status of their Health and Safety information at any time